About us

Our group of Consultant Physicians operates exclusively in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, caring for paediatric and adult patients.

All of our doctors are specifically trained in allergy and immunology and hold both specialist physician and pathology qualifications.

Our Doctors

Dr. Alex Headley


Dr Alexander Headley obtained his MBBS from the University of Sydney in 2004. He completed his internship and residency years at Concord Repatriation General Hospital before entering physician training. A specialist in Clinical Immunology and Allergy, he trained at several Sydney hospitals gaining experience in treatment of allergic disorders, autoimmune disease, as well as primary and secondary immunodeficiency. He has also worked as a Clinical Research Fellow for the George Institute for International Health in the past. Dr Headley is qualified as both a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA). Dr Headley also work as a Visiting Medical Officer in Clinical Immunology/Allergy at Concord Repatriation General Hospital. His interests include all allergic disorders with a particular interest in atopic dermatitis and chronic urticaria.

Dr. Shane Kelly


Dr Shane Kelly graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2005 and then moved to Sydney to continue with physician training followed by specialist training in clinical immunology, allergy and immunopathology at St. Vincent's Hospital and Westmead Hospital. Dr Kelly is qualified as both a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA). Dr. Kelly is also a Staff Specialist at Blacktown Hospital and the supervising Immunopathologist for Medlab Pathology. Dr Kelly's interests include allergy, especially drug allergy, immunotherapy and dermatological conditions such as eczema and pemphigus with a number of publications on this condition.

Dr. Helena Jang


Dr Helena Jang graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2011. She completed her dual specialist training in clinical immunology, allergy and immunopathology at The Canberra Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital. She has gained overseas experience, having previously worked as a consultant immunologist at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom. Dr Jang is also an immunopathologist for Medlab Pathology. She is interested in all facets of clinical immunology and allergy, including complex food allergy (especially pollen food syndrome) and immunodeficiency. She is fluent in Korean.

Dr Helena Jang은 2011년 호주 UNSW 의대를 Honour’s Degree 로 졸업했으며 시드니 St Vincent 병원에서 인턴과 레지던트 과정을 마친후, The Canberra Hospital 과 Royal North Shore Hospital에서 임상 면역학, 알레르기 및 면역 병리학에서 2 개의 전문의 자격을 취득했습니다. 또한 영국 노팅햄 대학병원에서 면역학 전문의로 1 년동안 근무했습니다. Dr Helena Jang은 Medlab Pathology 의 면역 병리학 의사이기도 하며, 식품 알레르기 (특히 꽃가루-식품 알레르기 증후군)와 면역 결핍증 및 면역학의 모든 방면을 다룹니다.

Dr. Monique Lee


Dr Monique Lee received her medical degree from the University of New South Wales with the University Medal. She completed physician training at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, followed by specialist Immunology training through the Sydney Central Immunology Network. She is a staff specialist at Campbelltown Hospital, where she is involved in clinical research in allergic and autoimmune disease. She manages adults with allergic disease, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency, as well as children over the age of 12 months with allergic disease. She has special interest in atopic disease and also has publications in innate immunity, immunosuppression risk management and drug assays. Dr Lee also speaks fluent Mandarin.

李医生毕业于新南威尔士大学医学系,并获得大学荣誉奖章。她在Concord协和医院完成了内科医生的培训。接下来在悉尼免疫中心接受了免疫学专科培训。 她现在是金宝(Campbelltown)医院的免疫专科医生,同时她参与过敏和自身免疫疾病的临床研究。她全面负责治疗和管理过敏,自身免疫,和免疫缺陷的成年病人以及12个月以上儿童的过敏疾病。 她对遗传性过敏疾病非常感兴趣,在先天性免疫,免疫抑制风险管理和药物分析方面都发表了论文。李医生可以说流利的国语(普通话)。

Dr. Sameer Malik


Dr Sameer Malik is a Clinical Immunologist who works as staff specialist at Concord Repatriation Hospital in Sydney. He has a Masters of International Public Health from the University of Sydney and has worked for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. He completed his medical degree through the University of Newcastle. He has published in a number of medical journals including the Internal Journal of Rheumatic Disease and Pathology Australia. His interests include food allergies, allergic rhinitis, autoimmune disease and HIV.