New Patient Information

If you are a new patient, please make sure you read this important information about booking procedures and the full list of medications you need to be off at least 7 days prior to your appointment.

Let us know

Please call to either confirm or cancel one week prior to your appointment.

Allow 10 min

For your first appointment, please allow about 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill the necessary paperwork.


Bring any recent scans, previous skin prick/patch testing results, recent discharge summaries or biopsy results.

Referral Letter

Please bring your letter of referral from your GP or other specialist, so that you may be reimbursed by Medicare.


Payment of fees must be made at the time of consultation. Credit card facilities (Mastercard and Visa) and Eftpos are available.


The duration of the initial consultation is approximately 1 hour.

What’s allowed

Skin creams, nasal sprays and eye drops with antihistamine properties are permitted (just discontinue any of the below oral medications one week before your appointment).

Other Meds

You should continue to take any other medications that have been prescribed by your doctor.

Medications you should stop taking before your appointment


Please bring a list of any prescribed medications you are currently taking, including any herbal preparations you may be taking.

IMPORTANT: You should NOT take any of the following oral medications WITHIN 7 DAYS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT (which have antihistamine effects & will interfere with the allergy tests). Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

› Actifed
› Aerius
› Alledine
› Allerdyne
› Allereze
› Allerfexo
› Allersoothe
› Allertine
› Alzene
› Amcal Fexo
› Amcal Loratadine
› Avil
› Benadryl
› Bilastine
› Cetrelief
› Chemist’s Own Allergy & Sinus Preparations
› Chemist’s Own Fexo
› Chemist’s Own Loratadine
› Clarimax
› Claratyne

› Clarinase
› Demazin
› Dimetane
› Dimetapp
› Fenezal
› Fexal
› Fexo
› Fexorelief
› Fexotabs
› ​Gold Cross Antihistamine
› Elixir
› Hexal-Lorano
› Little Allergies for Children
› Lorano
› Lorapaed
› Lorastyne
› Loratadine
› Paedamin

› Panadol Allergy & Sinus Preparations
› Periactin
› Phenergan
› Piriton
› Polaramine
› Promethazine
› Quercetin
› Sinutab
› Tavegyl
› Tefodine
› Telfast
› Vallergan
› Xergic
› Xyzal
› Zadine
› ZepAllergy
› Zilarex
› Zodac
› Zyrtec