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Our doctors can assist you and your family with allergic or immune system-related disorders. All our doctors are specifically trained in allergy and immunology and hold both specialist physician and pathology qualifications.​

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Clinical immunology and Allergy is a branch of internal medicine which has been the subject of a dramatic increase in awareness and scientific understanding over the last 50 years.

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Immunotherapy is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of hayfever or allergic asthma by administering injections or sublingual drops/tablets of substances such as pollens, moulds, dust mites, animal dander or insect venom to which an individual has been found to be allergic.

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Extensive skin testing for determination of allergy reactivity to environmental agents, insects, food and drugs.

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If you are making your first appointment with us, please read the relevant information about what to bring, our payment methods and the full list of medications you should avoid taking ONE WEEK prior to your appointment.

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